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Our priority: Your safety!

"ACK Control System", emergency output in your buildings eliminate the security problems created by the doors removes. Emergency exit doors, which are vital for our living areas, at any moment the law is in lockdown as it needs to be ready for the evacuation situation. it can't be held and panic when the bar is pressed, it opens without any obstacles need to. This situation means uncontrolled access to your building and facility from outside. It can create a dangerous result as it is done. That's why the emergency exit it can create security weaknesses for doors, building entrances and exits.

Uncontrolled entry-exit we're preventing it!

ACK Control System, stay off the emergency exit doors required were when the situations remain open, both visual
as well as security with a strong audible warning by activating your team, it is possible to eliminates the dangers.

With ”ACK Control System" you are safe at any moment

The ”ACK Control System" advantages provided by:

  • Uncontrolled entrances and exits by preventing the security weakness it reduces it to a minimum.
  • It is very low electricity with the use of budget and
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • A 7/24 uninterrupted service presents.
  • The door of all emergency exit doors from a single point it ensures that it is managed.
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