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Always sterile with one button!

The wireless and contactless "Emergency Cleaning Button" is located in each of the toilet cubicles in your facility and allows the cleaning team to be called if the cubicle is dirty.

Contactless call possibility

Emergency Cleaning Buttons are sterile enough that toilet cubicles should be ready for use hygienically at any time in cases where there is not, the desired hygiene of the cabins by allowing the relevant staff to enter the area with a single button it allows him to reach his standard.

The advantages of the Emergency Help Button:

  • It is easy to use, fast and effective.
  • Provides uninterrupted service 24/7.
  • It is budget and environmentally friendly with very low electricity usage.
  • It is wireless and easy to install.
  • The installation process is completed with minimum cost without breaking or spilling anywhere in the area to be installed.
  • If the necessary infrastructure is provided, the operating information of the entire system (log records) can be monitored retrospectively by recording.
  • The situations where the connection is broken are detected by the central unit and the signal exchange is maintained by taking the necessary action.
  • After the initial installation, it works smoothly without the need for periodic maintenance, preventing extra costs.



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